Молчат Дома – “Монумент”/Molchat Doma – “Monument” (LP)

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Release Date: November 13th, 2020
Origin: Belarus
Label: Sacred Bones
Genre: Post Punk/Electronic


1. Утонуть
2. Обречен
3. Дискотека
4. Не Смешно
5. Ответа Нет
6. Звезды
7. Удалил Твой Номер
8. Ленинградский Блюз
9. Любить и Выполнять

Belarusian newcomers, Молчат Дома seemingly manifested onto the international scene in 2019 when a video of their second album, Этажи appeared on a random channel on YouTube. Continuing where Этажи left off, Монумент completely blows away the rest of the scene. Ramping up the production, the band takes a step away from the vintage sound to crystal clear. While also remaining true to their very minimalist and monotone sound, the members incorporate a very subtle flair, adding even more depth to their already large sound.

For fans of: Joy Division,  She Past Away, Depeche Mode

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