Молчат Дома – “С крыш наших домов”/Molchat Doma – ” S Krish Nashih Domov” (LP)

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Belarusian newcomers, Молчат Дома seemingly manifested onto the international scene in 2019 when a video of their second album, Этажи appeared on a random channel on YouTube. The band itself had already been established in Belarus and the Slavic scenes with this album, С крыш наших домов, which originally came out in 2017. With monotonous vocals paired against a landscape inspired by brutalist architecture and post-soviet themes on top of a driving bass and electronic overtones, Молчат Дома are at the top of their genre, re-sculpting it every song they create.

For fans of: Joy Division, She Past Away, Bauhaus

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Release Date: March 27th, 2020
Origin: Belarus
Label: Sacred Bones
Genre: Post Punk/Electronic


1. Дома Молчат
2. Крыши
3. Люди Надоели
4. Машина Работает
5. Необычный Человек
6. Прятки
7. Технология
8. Тишина
9. Я Не Коммунист


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