16 Horsepower – “Sackcloth and Ashes” (LP)

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Reissue on 180g black vinyl

Release Date:  April 12, 2012

Origin: USA

Label: Music On Vinyl

Genre: Bluegrass/Western Gothic


  1. I Seen What I Saw
  2. Black Soul Choir
  3. Scrawled In Sap
  4. Horse Head
  5. Ruthie Lingle
  6. Harm’s Way
  7. Black Bush
  8. Heel On The Shovel
  9. American Wheeze
  10. Red Neck Reel
  11. Prison Shoe Romp
  12. Neck On The New Blade
  13. Strong Man

Illustrious writer, David Eugene Edwards began his career in three piece bluegrass band, 16 Horsepower. Gaining notoriety with their debut album, Sackcloth and Ashes, 16 Horsepower took an entirely new take on the genre, incorporating a much more downtempo feel whilst remaining true towards the very jumpy tonalities that encompass country music. David Edwards’ own vocals take the centerpiece while the bouncy drums, banjo, guitar and upright bass frame everything, driving together the painting crafted by the Denver based group. Nothing short of a showstopper, the album has been masterfully placed on 180g vinyl for the first time for the avid collector.

For Fans of: Wovenhand, Devil Makes Three, Hank III

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