Absu – “The Sun of Tipareth” (Black or Green/Orange Swirl LP)



Available in either 180g Green and Orange swirl or 180g Black vinyl, both presented with a 350g gatefold full color sleeve. Contains an A2 size full color poster.

Release Date: August 28th, 2020
Origin: USA
Label: Osmose Productions
Genre: Black/Thrash Metal


1. Apzu 11:18
2. Feis Mor Tir na n’Og (Across the North Sea to Visnech)
3. Cyntefyn’s Fountain
4. A Quest into the 77th Novel
5. Our Lust for Lunar Plains (Nox Luna Inlustris)
6. The Coming of War (Morbid Scream cover)
7. The Sun of Tiphareth

Mythological occult metal legends, Absu are well known for their bombastic clandestine take at both the thrash and black metal genre, rife with their thought provoking lyrics and intense musicianship. Their sophomoric record, The Sun of Tiphareth showcases a distinct style change from the debut, focusing on song structure, length and their own distinct take on the occult. Juxtaposing thrash sections and black metal sections, the band take things to new levels and Proscriptor’s vocals, whether screamed, howled or sung ring through the top of the album bombastically with the band bringing up the rear to perfectly shine the gem that is The Sun of Tiphareth.

For Fans of: Melechesh, Destroyer 666, Aura Noir

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Black, Green & Orange Swirl