Akitsa – “Goétie” CD

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Release Date: Originally 2001, Repress in 2016
Origin: Québec, Canada
Label: Tour De Garde
Genre: Black Metal


  1. Ouverture de l’esprit
  2. Haine et vengeance
  3. Les opposants brûleront
  4. Dans les profondeurs de bois oubliés
  5. Revanche
  6. Les ruins de la modernité
  7. Affront final
  8. Nuit solsticiale
  9. Hiérarchie
  10. Pendaison de l’humanité
  11. Ode au temps passé – première version
  12. Ode au temps passé
  13. Dernier souffle

6 panel Digipak CD with plastic tray.

For the past 20 years, Akitsa, hailing from Québec, have been a long time forerunner in Métal Noir Québécois. Comprised of the elusive members, O.T. and Néant, this two piece raw black metal band has been nothing but uncompromisingly forceful from its very inception with this debut release, Goétie. One of the coldest bands in the relentless tundra, Akitsa uses melancholic and triumphant sounds seemingly effortlessly as they continually craft their sonic conquest. Goétie serenades in such a way that very few raw bands can and to this day remains a testament to the strength of minimalist bands.

For fans of: Burzum, Ash Pool, Pagan Hellfire

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