Almyrkvi “Umbra” LP (DARK BLUE VINYL)

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Release Date: November 24th 2017
Origin: Iceland
Label: Ván Records
Genre: Black Metal


1. Vaporous Flame
2. Forlorn Astral Ruins
3. Severed Pillars of Life
4. Stellar Wind of the Dying Star
5. Cimmerian Flame
6. Fading Hearts of Umbral Nebulas

Gatefold, 180g dark-blue vinyl

Imagining oneself completely taken from their element and dropped in the center of a gyrating nebula is the only way one could possibly describe Almyrkvi’s sole record, “Umbra”. Dripping with atmosphere from start to finish, the Icelandic duo illustrate a celestial expulsion, deep within the vacuum of the void completely hidden from the human eye. This assortment cosmic arrangements leaves behind the secular world entirely for seemingly alien melodies coupled with tribal drums and a choir of cleans to create a picture only this very unique band could possibly paint.

For fans of: Darkspace, Blut Aus Nord, The Ruins of Beverast

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