Amestigon – “Thier” – (Gatefold 2LP)


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Gatefold Double LP, with heavy vinyl and etching on Side D.

Release Date: January 27th, 2016
Origin: Sweden
Label: World Terror Committee
Genre: Black Metal


1. Demiurg
2. 358
3. Thier
4. Hochpolung

Enveloped in a thick sage smoke and steeped in Hermetic atmosphere, Amestigon cuts open the universal void to spill arcan secrets out to the world. Thick bass lines, epic poetry of occutltic secrets, ambience and ritual synths compiled with a thick black metal melodicism and bombastic drum section, this unique masterwork carves it’s own niche. Featuring the some of the minds behind bands like Abigor and Summoning, this new entity makes use of the esoteric and uncanny, featuring sections with choir-like cleans and sections that completely immerse the listener as if peering into a elusive cult secretly practicing the arcane arts in ritutalistic hermeticism

For Fans of: Abigor, Blut Aus Nord, Ancient

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