Apparition of Sunlight – “Wilt of Rose’s Crimson” (MC)

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Release Date: July 1st, 2021
Origin: International
Label: Tour De Garde
Genre: Black Metal

While many may cling to tradition with a death grip, others forge entirely new paths, crafting unique visions in a process to reach unfathomed peaks. Apparition of Sunlight is one of those battalions willing to pursue their way on a previously unexplored trail. The horde is offering a breath of fresh air from the summit by passages of high octane leads over blasts paired against romantic and driving clean sections. Recorded in isolation confined from each other, this short but grandiloquent debut demo showcases the band’s refined sound, threading the needle between baroque classical and punk driven melodicism. Invoking the themes of betrayal and victory simultaneously, “Wilt of Rose’s Crimson” is a far cry from the usual eerie screams out of the sinister crib and just a taster at what is to be unleashed by the three piece hussars.

For fans of: Sargeist, Windir, Satanic Warmaster

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