Austere – “To Lay Like Old Ashes” (Smoke LP)

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180g smoke colored vinyl limited to 999 total copies, hand numbered.

Release Date: November 13th, 2020
Origin: Australia
Label: The Devil’s Elixirs
Genre: Black Metal/Shoegaze


1. Down
2. To Fade with the Dusk
3. This Dreadful Emptiness
4. To Lay like Old Ashes
5. Just for a Moment…
6. Coma II

Whilst known mostly for his project, Germ, Tim Yantras, known in this project as Sorrow along with another musician who went by Desolate formed a band in 2005 which would later be called Austere. Despite only having two albums, an EP and a few splits, the band is held in high regards by the black metal and shoegaze communities for the release of the final album, To Lay Like Old Ashes. Originally released in 2009, just months before the band would inevitably dissolve, the record has once again been placed on vinyl by The Devil’s Elixirs. Featuring new artwork and the same, beautiful mix, To Lay Like Old Ashes creates a melancholic patina that covers the entire world with a layer of depressive fog that is good for any rainy day.

For Fans of: Austere, Thy Light, Woods of Desolation

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