Black Funeral “The Scourge of Lamashtu” (LP)

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Release Date: July 3rd 2020
Origin: USA
Label: Iron Bonehead Productions
Genre: Black Metal


1. Kassaptu Lemuttu
2. The Vampyric Rabisu at the Threshold
3. Nergal (Lord Who Prowls by Night)
4. Seven Udug-Hul
5. Scourge of Lamashtu (She Who Strangles the Lamb)
6. Gidim Hul (Bloodthirst of the Demonic Dead)
7. Pazuzu King of the Lilu-Demons

Longtime running player in the underground and veteran black metal musician with a career spanning nearly 30 years, Akhtya Nachttoter returns with this most recent full length under the banner of Black Funeral called The Scourge of Lamashtu. Consisting of more romantic riffs and vocals that shriek through the mix to tell the story of various demons and vampiric ghosts that are summoned to the earth, this record takes off directly where the previous left off and builds heavily on the ambience and devastation that was told in previous entries. Featuring larger than life keys and a very methodical drum sound, Akhtya Nachttoter makes use of his various influences to craft the ultimate medium between his dark ambient and his ferocious black metal.

For fans of: Mutiilation, Drowning the Light, Inferno Requiem

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