Black Vice / Haunter Split 12″ LP

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Release Date: August 17th, 2017
Origin: Texas, USA 
Label: Red River Family Records
Genre: Black Metal

Side A

  1. Black Vice – Negation Enthroned
  2. Black Vice – Into the Abyssal Empty Void
  3. Black Vice – Shadow of the Monolith

Side B

  1. Haunter – Gilded Medulla
  2. Haunter – Echo-Chambered Corroboration (Echelon Reassignment)

This split features two bands from the Red River of Austin Texas – Black Vice and Haunter. Being a statement in Texas’ own take on Black metal, the two weave opulent takes on the genre ranging from the aggressive Black Vice’s side to the gnarling dissonance of Haunter. Each track on this release is original from any other release and showcases both band personal styles perfectly paired against each other.

For fans of:  Taake, Leviathan, Abyssal, Deathspell Omega

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