Blood and Sun – “Love & Ashes” (LP)

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Artist: Blood and Sun

Album: Love & Ashes

Country: Denver, USA

Release Date: February 28th, 2020

Label: Nordvis Produktion

Genre: Neo-Folk


With ambient baritone vocals and romantic guitars, Blood and Sun’s Luke Tromiczak has once again gathered together close associates to light the pyre known as Love & Ashes. A resonating 9 song album, following the predecessor, White Storms Fall, this heathen folk composition crackles like a late night campfire. Articulate poems of longing, nature and wandering through the American landscape shed a light on the soulful melodies played by Tromiczak effortlessly till the last note rings from the guitar and whisk the listener away into the setting he so carefully conceived.




  1. Resurrection Charm
  2. Stone Wrote in Stone
  3. Dusk Century
  4. This Hate in Me will Pass
  5. By What Road
  6. Madrone
  7. The Wanderer’s Road
  8. Love & Ashes
  9. Until the Dawn


For fans of: Death in June, :Of the Wand and the Moon:, Sol Invictus


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