Bolt Thrower – “In Battle There is No Law” (Gatefold LP)

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Release Date:  April 20th, 2013

Origin: UK

Label: Music Back on Black Vinyl

Genre: Death Metal


  1. In Battle There Is No Law
  2. Challenge for Power
  3. Forgotten Existence
  4. Denial of Destiny
  5. Blind to Defeat
  6. Concession of Pain
  7. Attack in the Aftermath
  8. Psychological Warfare
  9. Nuclear Annihilation

Legendary UK death metal band, Bolt Thrower changed the entire genre with the release of their Debut record, In Battle There is No Law. Pummeling guitars backed by a continual roaring hum of bass and seemingly inhuman battle drums, this record showcases the band at their most violent. Aggressive shouts bordering on crust punk vocals take the helm of the warship, echoing through the tumult. Short, sweet and to the point, In Battle There is No Law provides the listener a look into the true malevolence of the battlefield. Controlled chaos is the best way to describe this unique debut record. From the moments of screaming solos and blast beats to the dirge-ridden sections that drive the album, In Battle There is No Law is a great take on the genre, holding no quarter for the fallen, taking no prisoners and leaving everything scorched in it’s path.

For Fans of:  Hypocrisy, Benediction, Entombed

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