Brume d’Automne – “Fiers et victorieux” (Silver LP)

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Comes with an 11″ x 11″ insert

Release Date: November 17th, 2020
Origin: Québec
Label: Evil Tentacles Records
Genre: Black Metal


1. La mort d’un patriote
2. Le sacrifice des guerriers paysans
3. La forêt est leur tombe
4. Traditionnelle I
5. Notre héritage
6. Le combat de nos pères
7. Traditionnelle II
8. Le visage de la haine
9. Fiers et victorieux
10. Quand les morts s’agitent
11. Traditionnelle III

Backed by traditional Québécois folk music and their patriotism, Brume d’Automne came on to the scene with this massive record originally released in 2005. One of the staple releases of the métal noire catalogue, Fiers et victorieux stands by itself entirely. The baroque chord progressions and massive atmosphere are paired against the wailing vocals to create an atmosphere only the north could produce. Dedicated to the patriots of Québec City, Fiers et victorieux holds no quarter to any listener. Released for the first time on vinyl by Québec’s own Evil Tentacles Records, this album can finally be fully enjoyed the way it was intended.

For Fans of: Forteresse, Monarque, Graveland

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