Carpenter Brut – “Trilogy” (3xLP)

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Fourth pressing, Black Vinyl

Release Date:  June 1, 2017

Origin: France

Label: No Quarter Records

Genre: Synthwave


  1. Escape from Midwich Valley
  2. Disco Zombi Italia
  3. L.A. Venice Bitch 80’s
  4. Wake Up The President
  5. 347 Midnight Demons
  6. Le Perv
  7. Roller Mobster
  8. Meet Matt Stryker
  9. Obituary
  10. Looking For Tracy Tzu
  11. Sexkiller On The Loose
  12. Hang’em All 5:37
  13. Division Ruine
  14. Paradise Warfare
  15. Run, Sally, Run!
  16. Turbo Killer
  17. Anarchy Road
  18. Invasion A.D.

France’s own synthwave genius, Franck Hueso, known moreso by his stage name, Carpenter Brut cleared the playing field in the early 2010’s with a series of EPs that were simply numbered. Comprised of various songs that followed a theme of 80’s city life, horror movie nostalgia, and summer anthems, these three EP’s were eventually gathered together and released as a compilation – Trilogy. Telling the complete story of the foundation of his project and the story he had to tell through chapters, Trilogy hits notes for every synthwave fan. Spanning just shy of 90 minutes and crossing 3 LPs, this album is a vinyl collector’s wet dream.

For Fans of: Perturbator, Gost, Scandroid


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