Catacombes – “Acceuille le Diable” CD

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Release Date: April 25th, 2018
Origin: France (early), Quebec, Canada (later)
Label: Hass Weg Records
Genre: Black Metal


  1. Accueille-le
  2. Écoute-le
  3. Crains-le
  4. Fuis-le

French underground bombastic composer, Le Démoniaque knows his way around the many shades of the underbelly of cities. Etching a story of alcohol, perversion and murder, Accueille le Diable paints a portrait of a maddened wine-drunk psychopath who crawls the streets preying on the most vulnerable. Feeding off of his love of wine and his own depravity accompanied by a cacophony of bombastic guitars and the distinct French tone, Catacombes presents this four track concept EP with no remorse. Each track lays out a distinct chapter in a night of savage degeneracy that leaves the listener on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

For fans of: Cosmic Church, Aorlhac, Délétère


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