Cult of Fire – “Life Sex and Death” CD

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Release Date: October 8th, 2016
Origin: Czech Republic
Label: Beyond Eyes
Genre: Black Metal


  1. Life
  2. Chinnamasta Mantra
  3. Death
  4. Tantric Sex

Partially metalized clear CD in fold-out lotus shaped packaging, held together by an OBI strip

Spiritual Eschatologist band Cult of Fire are no stranger to religious and ritual iconography steeped in a dark atmosphere enshrouded in death worship. The EP, Life, Sex & Death tells a story of the goddess Chinnamasta and her self-destruction as a form of creation. All forms of pleasure and pain accompany the transcendental guitars, ethereal vocals and cyclical moments of intense blasts and beautiful catharsis. Much like the self-beheading of Chinnamasta, this album destroys the ego of the listener and brings them to an entirely different experience unique to any other band.

For fans of: Mgła, Acherontas, Negură Bunget



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