Darkwood – “Notwendfeuer” (Limited LP)

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Edition limited to 300 copies worldwide

Release Date: April 07, 2020
Origin: Germany
Label: Lichterklang
Genre: Neo-Folk


1. Wintermärchen
2. Lied am Feuer
3. Verlorenes Heer
4. Feuerkreis
5. Totenburg
6. Nibelungenland
7. Roggenfelder
8. Ostenfeld
9. Weltenstürme
10. Winterrune

Henryk Vogel is well known for many different musical collaborations from Sonne Hagal to In Ruin, but is best known for being the sole composer behind the martial ambient neo folk project, Darkwood. While previous efforts have incorporated a darker tone, synths and samples and pounding militaristic drums, this release is the first solely acoustic effort, with every instrument being played traditionally. Having every instrument from stringed instruments like Guitar, Bass, violin and violoncello to accordion and even flutes, trumpet and a wide array of chimes, this album creates a very melancholic backing track to the Henryk’s very solemn vocals. Standing out against a vast back catalogue, many fans consider this release to be his opus, and with good reason.

For Fans of: Death in June, :Of the Wand and the Moon:, Blood & Sun

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