Death in June – “Essence! (Tape)

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First press limited to 300 copies. 

Release Date: November 30th, 2018
Origin: United Kingdom
Label: New European Recordings
Genre: Neo-Folk


1. Welcome To Country
2. God A Pale Curse
3. The Trigger
4. Snipers Of The Maidan
5. The Humble Brag
6. Going Dark
7. The Dance Of Life - To Shoot A Valkyrie
8. No Belief
9. The Pole Star Of Eden
10. What Will Become Of Us?
11. My Florida Dawn

Perhaps one of the most influential folk artists in the modern decades and one of the most prolific writers over the course of nearly 40 years, Douglas Pierce has been releasing music under the moniker Death in June. Being the 21st album in the discography, one would think it difficult to hit notes that have not been sung before, however Death in June effortlessly presented Essence! in the end of 2018. Much like the albums that came before it, this album features mostly acoustic arrangements. Layering his own voice over itself, Douglas creates an entirely new world, creating an entire universe with as few lyrics as possible, allowing the listener to color in the lines, painting their own version of Death in June’s vision. An often overlooked gem in the discography, this eloquent album makes for a fascinating listen and one will find themselves going back to it time and time again just to relive the feeling that Death in June crafts.


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