Death in June – “Nada!” (Tape)

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First press limited to 200 copies.

Release Date: June 18th, 2019
Origin: United Kingdom
Label: New European Recordings
Genre: Post-Punk/Electronic/Industrial/Acoustic


1. The Honour Of Silence
2. The Calling (Mk II)
3. Leper Lord
4. Rain Of Despair
5. Foretold
6. Behind The Rose (Fields Of Rape)
7. She Said Destroy
8. Carousel
9. C’est Un Rêve
10. Crush My Love
11. The Torture Garden
12. The Calling
13. Doubt To Nothing
14. Carousel (Bolt Mix)
15. Last Farewell
16. Born Again

Perhaps one of the most influential folk artists in the modern decades and one of the most prolific writers over the course of nearly 40 years, Douglas Pierce has been releasing music under the moniker Death in June. Originally released in 1985, this monolithic record features the widest array of Douglas Pierce’s influences. From electronic to acoustic and drone to ambient, this is easily the record which solidified Death in June as a name in history. Flowing from start to finish in every style they could possibly come up with, Death in June weave a web of dense sound in over an hour of music with a tracklist containing over 15 songs. Even though this is only the third record released, it sounds like something created by someone with decades of experience in the music industry, and stands the test of time, even in these modern times.

For fans of: Crisis, Joy Division, Current 93



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