Death in June – “The Corn Years” (CD+ 7″ [Variant Colours])


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Gatefold 7" cover - Black heavy vinyl limited to 194 copies
Gatefold 7" cover - Color dark green vinyl limited to 525 copies

Release Date: 2020?
Origin: United Kingdom
Label: Pylon Recordings
Genre: Acoustic/Industrial/Ambient


1. Heilige!
2. Torture By Roses
3. Love Murder
4. Zimmerit
5. We Are The Lust
6. To Drown A Rose
7. Break The Black Ice
8. Behind The Rose (Fields Of Rape)
9. Punishment Initiation
10. Rocking Horse Night
11. Break The Black Ice (Instrumental)
12. Runes And Men
13. Rule Again
14. Hail! The White Grain
15. Blood Of Winter
16. The Fog Of The World
17. Europa: The Gates Of Heaven
18. Come Before Christ And Murder Love

Perhaps one of the most influential folk artists in the modern decades and one of the most prolific writers over the course of nearly 40 years, Douglas Pierce has been releasing music under the moniker Death in June. Between the years of 1986 and 1987, Death in June released two major albums, The Brown Book and The World that Summer, which play completely differently. The World that Summer’s beautiful notes ring through the room like petals on the spring breeze, while the bombastic martial sounds of the Brown Book seem more like the leaves of dying trees falling onto the ground, being lost in a thick veil of frost. The Corn Years is compilation of these two albums, taking the best of the both worlds and allowing you to hear some re-recorded, re-mastered songs as they were meant to be heard.

For fans of: Rome, Blood and Sun, Current 93


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Black, Dark Green