Death in June – “The Guilty Have No Pride” (Tape)

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First press limited to 200 copies. 

Release Date: June 18th, 2019
Origin: United Kingdom
Label: New European Recordings
Genre: Post-Punk/Experimental


1. Till The Living Flesh Is Burned
2. All Alone In Her Nirvana
3. State Laughter
4. Nothing Changes
5. Nation
6. Heaven Street Mk II
7. The Guilty Have No Pride
8. Heaven Street
9. Holy Water
10. In the Night Time
11. We Drive East

Perhaps one of the most influential folk artists in the modern decades and one of the most prolific writers over the course of nearly 40 years, Douglas Pierce has been releasing music under the moniker Death in June. This album is where his career under this by-name began. Fresh out of ashes of the post punk band Crisis, the band formed and immediately began playing shows, without any releases. In the summer of 1983, this strange record was dropped to the public. Keeping their post punk roots and mixing it with strange drone samples, invoking a sense of anxiety, fear and uneasiness, this shocking debut rocked the underground with it’s imagery, lyrical content of war and Douglas’ very strange voice, which was somewhere between a yell and a singing timbre. Like other contemporaries at the time, Death in June’s martial sound mixed with many discordant sounds and drones came to be a staple for many years and The Guilty Have No Pride is the foundation.

For fans of: Crisis, Joy Division, Current 93



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