Doombringer – “Walpurgis Fires” (LP)

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Release Date: February 20th, 2019
Origin: Poland
Label: Nuclear War Now! Productions
Genre: Death Metal


1. Into the Woodlands
2. Agenda del Aquelarre
3. Sworn to Malice
4. Samhain Melancholia
5. Stupor Infernal
6. Briceia Chants the Spells
7. Unnatural Acts of Flying
8. Walpurgis

Poland death thrash primitivists, Doombringer let fury rain on this second record, “Walpurgis Fires”. Taking a step back on production and striding into the real of primitivism, their sophomoric record is a contrast to the debut, “The Grand Sabbath”. Traditional death thrash riffs, chaotic drums and a primal vocal pattern take the forefront, leaving nothing to be hidden. Like stepping into a medieval battlefield, Doombringer’s unique sound lays seige to even the most hardened listener.

For fans of: Bølzer, Grave Miasma, Necros Christos

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