Drab Majesty – “Modern Mirror” (LP)

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Release Date: October 24th, 2019
Origin: USA
Label: Dais Records
Genre: Post Punk/Electronic


1. A Dialogue
2. The Other Side
3. Ellipsis
4. Noise Of The Void
5. Dolls In The Dark
6. Oxytocin
7. Long Division
8. Out Of Sequence

Seemingly not of this world, Deb Demure and Mona D, the extraterrestrial electronic duo of Drab Majesty have been a consistent force in the post punk scene. Directly after the critically acclaimed record, The Demonstration, Deb Demure and Mona D set forth continuing with the heavily reverbed out 80’s post punk. From high moments that sound like Duran Duran to moments that are reminiscent of bands like Depeche Mode, the group has crafted a formula so unique that nobody can repeat it.

For Fans of: The Cure, Joy Division, The Agnes Circle

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