Drave – Terroir (12″ EP, DARK BLUE VINYL)

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Release Date: May 15th, 2020
Origin: Québec
Label: Les Productions Hérétiques
Genre: Black Metal


  1. Le démon bleu et blanc
  2. La débâcle
  3. Une nuit pour la patrie (Forteresse cover)

Much like the changing of the seasons and the emotions that come with them, the musician Monarque who is most known for the band of the same name shows his consistency with this all new project, Drave. With themes describing Québec heritage, and the work that people in the early foundations of the province faced, Terroir paints a very methodical picture of how life is in the rural expanses of the province. Paired alongside Monarque’s notorious sound with pummeling melodic leads and a rich production, this EP carves it’s way into being a Québec black metal staple.

For fans of: Forteresse, Monarque, Délétère

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