Drowning the Light – “Sigils & Ciphers” (LP)

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Presented on 140g Black vinyl in a 350gsm Gatefold Jacket with inside flooded in black and matte varnish

Release Date: July 3rd, 2020
Origin: Australia
Label: Dark Adversary Records
Genre: Black Metal


1. A Dark Promethean Flame
2. Down There You Are the Prey
3. An Ancient Curse upon the Light
4. Of Bloodlust & Shadows
5. Riddle of the Pentagram

Australia’s multi-instrumentalist vampiric mastermind Azgorh is well known for a mass of bands surrounding him as well as the Order Ater Anguis that he sits at the helm of, but none is more well known as Drowning the Light. Having an impressive discography of Demos, EPs and full lengths, this all new compilation takes four hyper limited songs from previous demos that were hidden by riddles and adds it with a new song to create an entirely new release. Like past efforts, combining black metal traditionalism with dungeon synth-esque keys and his signature tone of extra sharp black metal, this release takes the band to an entirely different level, expanding the dense world that Azgorh has been building for the better half of two decades.

For fans of: Satanic Warmaster, Sargeist, Mütiilation

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