Drudkh – The Swan Road (LP Clear)

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Limited edition Reissue LP on clear vinyl

Release Date: June 28th, 2019
Origin: Ukraine
Label: Season of Mist
Genre: Black Metal


1. 1648
2. Вічне сонце (Eternal Sun)
3. Кров (Blood)
4. Заграва 1768-го (Glare of 1768)
5. Ціна волі (The Price of Freedom)
6. Доля (Fate) 06:41
7. Дума про руйнування Січі (Song of Sich Destruction)

Like the final warm breeze of summer nostalgia in the fall, Drudkh is best known for emotional, long songs and a poetic love for the Ukranian countryside. Лебединий шлях, better known as The Swan Road was the beginning of the band’s usage of Ukranian titles and a shift toward a specific feeling that one can only describe as a melancholic person pretending to be happy for the sake of those around him whilst yearning to disappear into nature. Lead by Roman Saenko and Thurios, both known for the Blood of Kingu and the Windswept, this album features moments of profound sadness contrasted with followup riffs that shoot jovial warmth through the air. If all their albums play like autumn, this album may very well be the first day of the season change.

For Fans of: Burzum, Agalloch, Mgla


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