Ebony Pendant – “Incantation Of Eschatalogical Mysticism” (LP)


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Release Date: March 2021
Origin: Québec
Label: Asrar Productions
Genre: Black Metal & Doom Metal


1. Withering Consciousness
2. Where Loathing Manifests
3. Bleak Opening of Manifolds
4. Conjuration of Sophistry Exalted (Being of Oblivion’s Maw)
5. Augury in Spiteful Coldness
6. –
7. Before a Circle of Darkness (Judas Iscariot cover)

Like many of the bands in the black metal genre, Ebony Pendant sprouted up out of seemingly nowhere with a demo in late 2019 titled “Sempiternal Passage Through Realms of Suffering and Hatred”. Wasting no time and releasing this full length just under 6 months later originally in 2019, solo artist S.C. unveiled a much more sombre and classical approach to the music, swaying back and forth between melancholic and aggression. Like laying on a bed of nails, the methodical passages of the album caress the listener to their final sleep like a caterwalling, yet soothing hymn.

For fans of: Judas Iscariot, Burzum, Darkthrone

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