Fields of the Nephilim – “Elizium” (CD)

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Release Date:  September 24th, 1990

Origin: UK

Label: Beggers Banquet

Genre: Goth Rock


  1. (Dead But Dreaming)
  2. For Her Light
  3. At The Gates Of Silent Memory
  4. (Paradise Regained)
  5. Submission
  6. Sumerland (What Dreams May Come)
  7. Wail Of Sumer
  8. And There Will Your Heart Be Also

Highly influential UK gothic band, Fields of the Nephilim have stunned the world with countless albums that consistently push the boundaries of multiple genres, experiment with western sounds and provide a thought provoking lyrical accompaniment for the listener. Elizium, the third album by the band showcases the band at their best. Learning from Dawnrazor and The Nephilim, the band, spearheaded by the illustrious Carl McCoy, use every single technique they have employed over the career to present to craft this 50 minute epic. Featuring songs that drive the listener with a dance-like groove to very dirgy melancholic pieces, the record truly has sounds for every fan.

For Fans of: The Mission, The Merry Thoughts,  Sisters of Mercy

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