Forteresse – “Crépuscule d’octobre” (CD)

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Release Date: November 22, 2011
Origin: Québec
Label: Sepulcheral Productions
Genre: Black Metal


1. Silence d'octobre	
2. Le triomphe des douze	
3. La lame du passé	
4. Mon esprit rôde toujours	
5. Spectres du solstice	
6. Enfants du lys

With an resevoir of verses of the history surrounding Québec coupled with a massive presence and epic atmosphere, Forteresse have easily carved their way to the zenith of the black metal scene. Like a cool wind on a waning summer, “Crépuscule d’octobre”, their fourth record is nothing short of epochs dedicated toward the countryside. Coupled with musique traditionnelle Québécoise, their high paced heroic melodies, feelings of nostalgia and a very strong atmospheric reverb, Forteresse showcase their mastery of black metal.

For fans of: Drudkh, Monarque, Mgła



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