Forteresse – “Thèmes pour la rébellion” (CD)

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Release Date: June 24th, 2016
Origin: Québec
Label: Sepulchral Productions
Genre: Black Metal


1. Aube de 1837
2. Spectre de la rébellion
3. Là où nous allons
4. Par la bouche de mes canons
5. Le sang des héros
6. Forêt d’automne
7. Vespérales
8. Le dernier voyage

With an resevoir of verses of the history surrounding Québec coupled with a massive presence and epic atmosphere, Forteresse have easily carved their way to the zenith of the black metal scene. This most recent full length, Thèmes pour la rébellion is jam packed with every single piece of weaponry these hometown heros have accumulated over a nearly 15 year long career. Thèmes flows sensationally from start to finish, leaving the listener with a sense of admiration of the heros that these veterans sing about. Teeming with songs commending Québec’s patriots and describing the many battles in the early 1800’s that carved the countryside backed by epic riffs, flawless vocals, grandiose drumming and the distinct Forteresse sound, this essential album belongs in any black metal fan’s collection.

For fans of: Drudkh, Monarque, Mgła


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