Grylle – Les Grandes Compagnies (CD)

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Release Date: April 24th, 2019
Origin: France
Label: Antiq
Genre: Medieval Folk


1. En la forest dennuyeuse tristesse
2. Les Dernières Fées de France
3. France, qui te veult mal?
4. Gothique Anjevin
5. Hommaje a la Pomme de Pin
6. Loz en croissant
7. Que chaque un sonje a se pourvoir!
8. Les Guerres Picrocholines
9. Quand je bois du vin clairet
10. Le Pacte des Villes
11. Wir Zogen in das Feld

If you could strip black metal to it’s skeleton you would find something along the lines of Grylle. A one man band who takes to using traditional instruments over the modern approach whilst still using current black metal screams, Les Grandes Compagnies, the sophomoric release from French feudalist, Hyvermor brings music back to its roots. Using sounds from lutes, lyres, drums, tambourines, flutes and plenty of horn type instruments, this album is an oddity, but scratches an itch that no other band can.

For fans of: Sühnopfer, Peste Noire, Aorlhac

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