Harakiri for the Sky – “Aokigahara” (Gatefold 2xLP)

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Release Date: April 21st 2014
Origin: Austria
Label: Art of Propaganda
Genre: Post Black Metal


1. My Bones to the Sea
2. Jhator
3. Homecoming: Denied!
4. 69 Dead Birds for Utøya
5. Parting
6. Burning from Both Ends
7. Panoptycon
8. Nailgarden
9. Gallows (Give ‘Em Rope)

Threading the needle between beauty and disaster, Austria’s post black metal duo, Harakiri for the Sky has consistantly pushed the boundaries of genre blending and black metal groove. This sophomoric record completely showcases the band’s foot cemented in the grounds of the post genres, fluctuating from post punk, modern metal variants and beautiful harmonies all drenched in the melodic undertones of black metal. Vocally, the album plays as a sort of blend between hardcore and black metal, with the painful caterwalling wails carving through the shimmery riffs playing underneath. As strong of a return as any band could ever hope to achieve, Aokigahara still to this day plays as strong as when it was released, over 7 years ago.

For fans of: Alcest, Agalloch, Woods of Desolation

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