Harakiri for the Sky – “III: Trauma” (Gatefold 2xLP)

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Release Date: July 22nd 2016
Origin: Austria
Label: Art of Propaganda
Genre: Post Black Metal


1. Calling the Rain
2. Funeral Dreams
3. Thanatos
4. This Life as a Dagger
5. The Traces We Leave
6. Viaticum
7. Dry the River
8. Bury Me

Threading the needle between beauty and disaster, Austria’s post black metal duo, Harakiri for the Sky has consistently pushed the boundaries of genre blending and black metal groove. Taking a step farther into sounds ranging from melodic hardcore to post punk, III: Trauma picks up where their last album, Aokigahara left off. A more roomy mix, brighter guitars and deeper vocals take the front while the rhythm section takes up the reigns in the background. This album bears its entire soul to the listener, playing much like a blanket of fog settling over the landscape after a long rain in the coldest day of autumn.

For fans of: Alcest, Agalloch, Woods of Desolation

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