Harakiri for the Sky – “Mӕre” (Gatefold 2xLP)

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Release Date: February 19th, 2021
Origin: Austria
Label: Art of Propaganda
Genre: Post Black Metal


1. I, Pallbearer
2. Sing For The Damage We’ve Done
3. Us Against December Skies
4. I’m All About The Dusk
5. Three Empty Words
6. Once Upon A Winter
7. And Oceans Between Us
8. Silver Needle // Golden Dawn
9. Time Is A Ghost
10. Song To Say Goodbye (Placebo Cover)

Threading the needle between beauty and disaster, Austria’s post black metal duo, Harakiri for the Sky has consistantly pushed the boundaries of genre blending and black metal groove. On this fifth installment of the band’s career, they take a farther step into the bleakness whilst simultaneously ramping up their groove. With thunderous low end, crystal clear production and crisp feeling riffs, this album is their most matured and experimental yet. This all new reinvention of the wheel brings you the closest yet to the minds of the artists behind the music, featuring every emotion on the spectrum.

For fans of: Alcest, Agalloch, Woods of Desolation

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