Hate Forest – “Hour of the Centaur” (Black or Gold LP + 7″)



Presented on 180g gold or black 12″ LP in a black poly-lined innerbag + 7’EP of the same color, download card, full-color jacket with black flood inside 350g with matte scratch-resistant lamination and UV partial lacquer. The Gold varmint is limited to 300 copies worldwide while black is limited to 400

Release Date: January 8th, 2021
Origin: Ukraine
Label: Osmose Records
Genre: Black/Death Metal

12″ Tracklist:

1. Occidental, Beware the Steppe (Intro)
2. Those Who Worship the Sun Bring the Night
3. No Stronghold Can Withstand This Malice
4. To the North of Pontos Axeinos
5. Anxiously They Sleep in Tumuli
6. Melanchlaeni
7. Shadowed by a Veil of Scythian Arrows

7″ Tracklist

1. The Dead Talk to the Stars
2. Goddess with Six Serpentine Legs

Dominant Ukranian black metal writer Roman Saenko has been the driving force behind the black metal scene since early 1995 starting with one of the most iconic Slavic black metal bands, Hate Forest. Following silence for 15 years, Hate Forest is once again back at the helm of the Slavic black metal front with the most recent album, Hour of the Centaur. Like never before, the pure animosity is in Hate Forest’s music, possibly due to this record being almost completely composed by Roman with the aid of Drudkh drummer V to program the blast sections. Taking the icy chill of Roman’s guitar tone to a new level with the virtual battering ram behind him, the album stands as if it came out only a few years after 2005’s Sorrow. This first press comes complete with a companion 7″ EP titled “Celestial Wanderer”, which was released on the same day as the album.

For fans of: Drudkh, Nokturnal Mortum, Burzum

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Black, Gold