Horn – Mohngang (Gatefold LP)

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Release Date: May 15th, 2020
Origin: Germany
Label: Iron Bonehead Productions
Genre: Pagan Black Metal


1. Einleitung – Der Wettlauf zum Meer
2. Satt scheint der Sud der Tat
3. De står her som sletta
4. Wär nicht Traubhagel
5. Handkreis und Chor
6. Upstream Canals, a Ship’s Bell Sounds
7. Dulcimerstück
8. Vom Tribock hohl geschossen
9. Ødegård und Pendelschlag
10. Die mit dem Bogen auf dem Kreuz (cello version)

As if stepping into the Havamal itself, Horn, brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Nerrath step forward with this eighth melodic folk offering. With a range of inspirations and lyrics of Nature, Mankind and Illness, this unique project holds nothing back. Nerrath’s vocals range from growling black metal vocals to yells and very passionate cleans planted firmly over the top of the riffs that change from shrill and baroque to folk, punk inspired or triumphant epics. Holding nothing back, there is a wide array of traditional instruments and acoustic guitar passages as well as samples on the record, and even the bass and drums find their own personal time to shine. A modern classic, Mohngang rings loudly and exulant painting an extreme contrast to the year of it’s release

For Fans of: Windir, Primordial, Bathory

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