Ifernach/Victime Quelconque – “Vestiges Gaspésiens” (LP)

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Release Date: March 2021
Origin: Québec
Label: Asrar Productions
Genre: Black Metal & Doom Metal


Side A
1. Victime Quelconque – Enclosphère
2. Victime Quelconque – NécroKultur
3. Victime Quelconque – Réveil Angoisseux
4. Victime Quelconque – Contre-urbanisme
Side B
5. Ifernach – Neiges antiques
6. Ifernach – Possessed by an Old Spirit
7. Ifernach – Désespoirs d’hiver
8. Ifernach – A Nocturnal Passage

Windswept, bleak and cold, Ifernach is best known for his soul crushing and violent black metal portraying the landscape of Québec and native history of the province. Coming together with doom metal act, Victime Quelconque, this split encompases the two Gaspésien bands in all their glory.

For fans of: Monarque, Brume d’Automne, Sorcier Des Glaces

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