Inferno Requiem – “Primitive Outburst” (LP)

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Release Date: 2020
Origin: Taiwan
Label: Asrar Productions
Genre: Black Metal


1. Follow the North
2. Eon
3. Genocide
4. Midnight in Crimson Red
5. Gilgul of Invultuation
6. The Elder Blood
7. Strength and Honour (Satanic Warmaster cover)
8. Dangling Piggsy (live @ Inferno Bar)

Best known for his loud, scathing mixes and screeching vocals, long time player in the black metal scene, Inferno Requiem has released another compendium of demos. This title, Primitive Outburst showcases the most raw and hateful songs from the solo black metal act from cold chords to blistering leads all taking the backseat to the frontward screams in the most raw and intimate of settings.

For fans of: Sargeist, Satanic Warmaster, Horna

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