Katatonia – “Brave Murder Day” (LP)

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Release Date: November 26th, 2012
Origin: Sweden
Label: Peaceville Records
Genre: Death Doom Metal


1. Brave
2. Murder
3. Day
4. Rainroom
5. 12
6. Endtime

While many bands change their style over time, few have gone through as drastic of a change as Katatonia. Starting as a death/doom project, Katatonia later became a household name in the scene as a Gothic doom band. This sophomoric effort of the band marks the addition of the vocalist, Mikael Åkerfeldt who adds his signature death growls while the main vocalist, Jonas takes up the harmonies. Delving more into the somber and downtrodden, the album slows the pace down, adding what would later become Anders’ signature leads to the mix, filling out the sound they were looking for. Like rain on a cool autumn morning, Brave Murder Day is the frost being lapped at by the droplets in the sun, leaving that lingering scent of petrichor floating in the air for hours to come.

For Fans of: Opeth, Paradise Lost, Anathema

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