Kawir – “Αδράστεια” (LP)

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Release Date: January 10th, 2020
Origin: Greece
Label: Iron Bonehead Productions
Genre: Pagan Black Metal


1. Tydeus
2. Atalanti
3. Danaides
4. Limniades
5. Colchis
6. Medea

Greece is home to a very tight nit group of musicians that take their inspiration mainly from the vast history of the region, none so much as the illustrious Kawir. Blistering and triumphant, this group of Helenic pagans bring their own unique spin on the already niche grouping of musicians. Bright and moody simultaneously and telling a fantastic epics from the gods, notibly references to Argonautica, the boat of Jason, which sailed many journies. Inclusion of Alexandraos (Macabre Omen) on clean vocals adds a brighter sound than ever previously explored and brings Kawir seemingly to the zenith. Not only a bright start to the year, but the decade, Αδράστεια really does shine through the cracks in the clouds and part the heavens to make it’s own place in epics written on Mount Olympus.

For Fans of: Bathory, Macabre Omen, Rotting Christ

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