Kuka’ilimoku – “Ka Hui Hawai’i Aloha ‘Āina” (Green Gatefold LP)

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Release Date: 2021
Origin: Hawai’i
Label: Goatowarex
Genre: Black Metal


1. Oni Pa’a
2. 1893
3. Hawai’ian Sugarcane
4. 1898
5. European Rubbish

Though the realms of black metal and punk are often separated by a massive line in the sand, the entity from Hawai’i known as Kuka’ilimoku perfectly places them together. For the first time on vinyl, this short demo showcases pure animosity and raw aggression in it’s purest form.  Thunderous guitars and bass fight against each other for top spot in the mix while the drums pound away behind everything. Vocally, the shrill cries of the solo artist known as Kūwāha’ilo cover the rest of the mist in a thick volcanic fog. Not for the faint of heart, this record will chew you up and spit you out.

For Fans of: Akitsa, Ildjarn

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