Laetitia In Holocaust – “Heritage” (LP)

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Release Date: July 10th, 2020
Origin: Italy
Label: Niflhel Records
Genre: Black Metal


1. The Moor
2. Dissolution in Black Pastures
3. Heritage
4. Exemplum
5. Of Courage and Deity
6. Of Feathers and Doom
7. B Minor

A band who consistently strives to change the standard of black metal, Italian progressive act, Laetitia in Holocaust drop their second in a set of black metal albums, thus titled “Heritage”. From the first second the album rings, jackhammering drums take the various tempo changes to a place of pure savagery, following the intense fretless bass which puts a completely new spin on the genre. Technical and full of twists to leave the listener jaw dropped, this album changes keys and tempo more times than I could count, accented with various rests and tight orchaestra-like mastery of the instruments. A band for people who appreciate the rhythm section and like no other, Laetitia in Holocaust jump beyond the stars to show you the zenith of what music in the genre of black metal can be.

For Fans of: Spite Extreme Wing, Averse Sefira, Cynic

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