Lebanon Hanover – “Tomb for Two” (LP)

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Release Date: 2020
Origin: International
Label: Fabrika records
Genre: Post Punk/Coldwave


1. Sadness Is Rebellion
2. Your Fork Moves
3. Stahlwerk
4. Hall Of Ice
5. Gallowdance 3:54
6. I Believe You Can Survive (Elegy For The Introvert) 3:31
7. Tomb For Two 3:56
8. Autofocus Has Ruined Quality 3:56
9. Midnight Creature 3:51
10. Invite Me To Your Country

Extremely minimalist and taking hints from the earliest incarnations of the post-punk genre’s musical rebellion, Lebanon Hanover has found themeslves deeply engrained as a current household name because of 2013’s Tomb for Two. Comprised just of two musicians both of which are from two different countries, the duo has released several albums, all of which follow their very unique formula of cold vocals, minimalist instrumentation and synth heavy songs all backed by the driving and mechanical sounding programmed drums. Tomb for Two showcases Lebanon Hanover at the top of their songwriting game, taking no prisoners and artfully pushing themselves to the front of the line, showing the beauty in minimalism.

For Fans of: Drab Majesty, Joy Division, Depeche Mode

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