Lifelover – “Dekadens” (LP – Brown and Gold Swirl)

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Featured on a Gold LP with Brown splatter.

Release Date: October 28th, 2016
Origin: Sweden
Label: Osmose
Genre: Rock/Black Metal/Experimental


1. Luguber framtid
2. Myspys
3. Major Fuck Off
4. Lethargy
5. Androider
6. Visdomsord
7. Destination: Ingenstans

Pushing genre barriers of rock, black metal, post punk and various other styles, Lifelover is a band combining the derranged minds of 3 cult Swedish musicians. Known mostly by their pseudonyms, B, () and 1853 along with instrumentalists LR, H and Non pull out all the stops for this EP. Featuring live drums for the first time in the bands history and a more mature sound, Dekadens rings with much more of a metal feel than prior releases. Depressive melodicism hangs in the air with the stark contrasts between rhythm and lead guitars and the cascading vocals of () and B polarizing each other against the rhythmic bass. Short and direct, this EP punches the listener in the face and leaves them eager for the next album.

For Fans of: Psychonaut 4, Shining, Hypothermia