Lifelover – “Pulver” (LP – Oxblood & Orange Swirl)

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Featured on a Green vinyl with Gold splatter

Release Date: October 28th, 2016
Origin: Sweden
Label: Osmose
Genre: Rock/Black Metal/Experimental


1. Nackskott
2. M/S Salmonella
3. Mitt öppna öga
4. Kärlek – Becksvart melankoli
5. Vardagsnytt
6. Avbrott sex
7. Stockholm
8. Söndag
9. Herrens hand
10. Medicinmannen
11. Nästa gryning
12. En sång om dig

Pushing genre barriers of rock, black metal, post punk and various other styles, Lifelover is a band combining the deranged minds of 3 cult Swedish musicians. Known mostly by their pseudonyms, B, () and 1853 craft some of the most fluid sounding and raw experimental music in the underground on this debut record. Ranging from cascading screams to seemingly disillusion and schizophrenic whispering, all three musicians lend their voices to the demented choir that rains over the pounding bass, drums and guitar. The music is flanked by a very harrowing piano which often times cuts the music up emotionally. A band that polarizes listeners from every genre, this band is one for only truly deranged.

For Fans of: Psychonaut 4, Shining, Hypothermia