Lifelover – Sjukdom (Gatefold Red LP)

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Release Date: February 21st, 2014
Origin: Sweden
Label: Prophecy Productions
Genre: Rock/Black Metal/Experimental


1. Svart galla
2. Led by Misfortune
3. Expandera
4. Homicidal Tendencies
5. Resignation
6. Doften av tomhet
7. Totus Anctus
8. Horans hora
9. Bitterljuv kakofoni
10. Becksvart frustration
11. Nedvaknande
12. Instrumental Asylum
13. Utdrag
14. Karma

Pushing genre barriers of rock, black metal, post punk and various other styles, Lifelover is a band combining the deranged minds of 3 cult Swedish musicians. Known mostly by their pseudonyms, B, (), LR and 1853 put together the final album in the Lifelover catalog, Sjukdom. Arguably their most aggressive and angry album, this curtain call following the death of founding member, B, once again changes the style of music, polarizing the fanbase yet again. With every pretty moment of piano, there is two or three more moments of agonizing fury surrounding frenzied vocals laid on top of the entire backing band’s ire. Once again drifting to the drum machine after the release of Dekadens, the album steps toward almost a methodical and almost serene medatative rage. When even calmness sounds like it is holding back the floodgates of pure animosity, you have Sjukdom.

For Fans of: Psychonaut 4, Shining, Hypothermia


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