Limbonic Art – “Moon in the Scorpio” (Gatefold 2xLP)

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Release Date: April 2021
Origin: Germany
Label: Floga Records
Genre: Symphonic Black Metal


1. Beneath the Burial Surface
2. Moon in the Scorpio
3. Through Gleams of Death
4. Overture: Nocturne
5. In Mourning Mystique
6. Beyond the Candles Burning
7. Darkzone Martyrium

Though the project is deeply rooted in the underground, Limbonic Art, fronted by solo member, Daemon has carved a deep cult following. Moon is the Scorpio is where everything began for the band, showcasing their greatest potential and intense drive. Soaring synths covering the choirs and orchaestral tracks which all hang in the air around the moody and melancholic black metal show exactly how one is to mix medieval sounds with their black metal and still have it be a dagger in the eyes of the modern world. This most recent repress by Floga records presents the band in a never before heard light with a fantastic mix.

For fans of: Emperor, Odium, Obtained Enslavement

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