Macabre Omen – “The Ancient Returns” LP

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Founded by composer Alexandros and featuring a revolving door of collaborators, Macabre Omen is a staple Hellenic black metal name. With centuries worth of history and the incredible scenery of the Greek archipelago as inspiration, Macabre Omen take you on a epic journey through time and thrust you into Rhodes. Featuring a more traditional heavy metal sound coupled with piercing wails, choir-like clean vocals and Homeric lyrics, “The Ancient Returns” is their Iliad. Colossal and packed with lore, this criminally overlooked band packs the punch that many have tried and failed to achieve.


For fans of: Bathory, Rotting Christ, Falkenbach

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Release Date: October 7th, 2016
Origin: Greece
Label: Ván Records
Genre: Epic Black Metal


1. In Memory…
2. A Call from Gods to God
3. An Ode to Rhode
4. The Perfect Sound of North vs. South
5. Hellas – Ode A
6. Hellas – Ode B

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