Make a Change…Kill Yourself – “Fri” (2xLP)

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Release Date: 2021
Origin: Denmark
Label: Cursed Records
Genre: Black Metal


1. Fri Fra Denne Verden
2. Du Er Alene
3. Livets Gave
4. Sjælefred

Though known for his other project, Angantyr, Ynleborgaz has for the same amount of time produced a much more melodic, long winded and depressing sounding band – Make a Change…Kill Yourself. Composed of four songs all well over 10 minutes in length, this monolithic record is by no means an easy listen. Haunting, depressive riffs and dark, foreboding synths take the majority of the album, pushing it forward like a knife into ones own abdomen. The dungeonesque vocals provided by Ynleborgaz creep into the ear of the listener and linger there, leaving behind their atmosphere for hours to come

For fans of: Thy Light, Nocturnal Depression, Forgotten Tomb

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